Startup Governance

Get more out of your equity. Fundraiser smarter, deliver better experience to your investors, attract better talent and stay compliant.

Our solution

Generate equity value right

Startup governance, transparency and alignment.

One platform, everything you need to govern your company and deliver results to your partners.

Cap table management
The source of truth for your Company Equity.
Value driven management
Fundraise and grow your business smarter.
Corporate documents
Get audit-ready sooner.
Investor’s portal
Accessible information to company shareholders.
ESOP Plans
Keep your team informed and motivated.
Tools and insights to help you model your economics.
Investors reports
Company reports & communications.
KYC & compliance
Onboard your investors with ease.
Legal requirements
Integrated legal services. Stay compliant.
Our company

Private markets lack efficient tools, infrastructure and services at different levels. Particularly in Europe, with many different regions, regulations & business scenarios this becomes especially challenging.

Our goal is to make private markets more efficient, transparent and accessible for asset managers and investors in Europe. We are a strong founding team focused on offering software solutions and financial services to different players in the private financial markets.


Managed by our customers.


Reported through our technology.

Portfolio companies

Participated by our customer's funds.

Frequently Asked

I am very busy as a founder, how much time I have to invest in
Can I have my lawyer or financial advisor do some work in for me?
As an investor, can I just get an email an not use another platform?
As an employee with Stock options or Phantom shares, what do I get from
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